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Alaska Dog Puppy Mince

Alaska Dog Puppy Mince


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Alaska Dog Puppy Mince

is a very fine mince designed to be a great multi-protein complete mince for puppies. It contains Chicken, Horse, Beef, Lamb and Salmon proteins.

Available in 800gm and 400gm sausages. 400g size is ordered on demand so please let us know if you would like this ordered.

We offer Local Delivery to East Anglia on a 4 weekly run basis, if you are interested in one of our delivery runs please check the Ordering and Delivery page to see if you are on one of our runs or contacts from the Contact Us page. No Frozen products can be shipped out by post, only by local delivery. For updates in our shop visit our Facebook Page.

If you would like to know more about us as a company, visit our page Our Story, or if you would like to read reviews on the service we provide, visit our Psydro page.

Alaska Dog Puppy Mince Ingredients

30% chicken: meaty backs (25%), liver (5%), 25% horse meat, 20% cow heart, 10% salmon bodies, 10% vegetable mix: carrot (3%), spinach (3%), cauliflower (3%), 5% lamb tripe.

A mix of 6 types of animals to familiarise your pup at an early age with many different flavours. A healthy start for each puppy of each race.


Typical Analysis

Moisture 70%, Protein 16%, Fat 12%, Fiber 0.2%, Ash 2%, Calcium 0.5%, Phosphorus 0.3%, Ca:P 1.58%, Energy 171 kcal/100 g

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