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80/10/10 Range Finer By Nature
80/10/10 Range Finer By Nature
80/10/10 Range Finer By Nature
80/10/10 Range Finer By Nature
80/10/10 Range Finer By Nature
80/10/10 Range Finer By Nature

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*If your pet has any allergies or problems with certain ingredients or proteins please read through the ingredients to make sure you get exactly what you want.
*When buying, keep in mind that we rotate stock and sell the closest date first, so if the item is reduced and you would like that product with a longer date life, please contact us and we will invoice you separately for that item.

Finer By Nature

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801010 Mince Range

Finer By Nature 80|10|10 range offers the same quality as the rest of our range by using the best materials to formulate a great range. Made with 80% muscle meat, 10% bone and 10% offal ensures our 80|10|10 range will delight both dog and owner.

  • With bone
  • Economical to feed
  • Easy to store and serve
  • Can be added to with vegetables, oils, offal or other items if required.
  • Store in fridge once thawed
  • Minimal packaging ensures low carbon footprint

Feeding Guide As a general guide an adult dog needs 2-3% of their body weight per day and a puppy up to 6%.
Being a fresh product once defrosted, keep for 48-72 hours in a refrigerator. This meal should be fed raw. Thoroughly defrost food before serving.
Always remember good hygiene practices, handle as you would any other raw meat. Wash hands and utensils after handling.


We offer Local Delivery to East Anglia on a 4 weekly run basis, if you are interested in one of our delivery runs please check the Ordering and Delivery page to see if you are on one of our runs or contacts from the Contact Us page. No Frozen products can be shipped out by post, only by local delivery. For updates in our shop visit our Facebook Page.

If you would like to know more about us as a company, visit our page Our Story, or if you would like to read reviews on the service we provide, visit our Psydro here.


Chicken - 100% Fresh Chicken (90%) & Chicken Livers (10%)
Duck - 90% Fresh  Duck, 10% Fresh Chicken Liver
Turkey - 90% Fresh Turkey, 10% Chicken Liver
Beef - 100% Fresh UK Beef (Meat, bone, liver)
Lamb - 100% fresh lean Lamb meat & Lambs liver

Chicken - Crude Protein 17.9%, Crude Fat 8.9%, Ash 4.5% (Inorganic element), Crude Fibre .Less then 1%
Duck - Crude Protein 14.1%, Crude Fat 30.1%, Ash 2.2%, Crude Fibre 0.1%
Turkey - Crude Protein 15.1%, Crude Fat 16.4%, Ash 1.4%, Crude Fibre 0.1%
Beef - Crude Protein 18.4%, Crude Fat 24.1%, Ash <0.1%, Crude Fibre 0.9%
Lamb - Crude Protein 15%, Crude Fat 14%, Ash 3%, Crude Fibre .3%

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Green and White Leaf Pattern