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100g Portion Unbalanced Mince

 Sensitive - a 1kg bag filled with yummy portioned meals ideal for those requiring a meal that is easy on their tummy for a few days.  Whitefish and turkey are ideal for dogs with these needs. Our sensitive tummy meals are made up of just white fish and turkey, nothing else. These are not complete meals as they don’t contain offal, but they are a good start in settling things down and getting your dog's tummy happy once again.

Tripe Mixes - Our tripe mixes are made from a coarse mince (10mm if you really want to know!) of locally sourced free-range meaty chicken carcass/locally sourced prime beef/freshly sourced minced salmon and green lamb tripe. The coarse mince texture gives your dog a chance to exercise their jaw muscles from chewing leaving them more mentally and physically satisfied. Win-win.

All Except Tripe + Fish Discontinued.

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Sensitive - 30% Free Range Turkey Carcass, 70% White Fish
Fish + Lamb Tripe - 25% Salmon, 75% Lamb Tripe
Chicken + Lamb Tripe - 25% Free Range Chicken Meat + Bone, 75% Lamb Tripe
Beef + Lamb Tripe - 25% Beef Trim Or Tongue, 75% Lamb Tripe

Sensitive - Per 100g - 17.32% Protein, 78.10% Moisture, 3.32% Fat, 1.86% Ash, 0% Fibre
Fish + Lamb Tripe - Per 100g - 16.28% Protein, 69.92% Moisture, 13.41% Fat, 0.96% Ash, 0.15% Fibre
Chicken + Lamb Tripe - Per 100g - 15.92% Protein, 71.96% Moisture, 11.49% Fat, 1.28% Ash, 0.15% Fibre
Beef + Lamb Tripe - Per 100g - 16.18% Protein, 70.51% Moisture, 13% Fat, 0.88% Ash, 0.15% Fibre

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