Ordering Info & Delivery Schedule

For Postal Orders:

Postal Orders are for Non-frozen items only and are charged at £5.50/up to 1.8kg. This is a ‘signed for’ postal service.
During Covid19 some parcels may take longer than usual as some business’s are operating on a minimum staff levels.

For Collection Orders:

Please state in the customer notes section of your order which day you would like to collect, and allow at least 2hrs of our work time before collection.
Please note, for website collection orders, if no day is specified for collection your order will not be picked until you arrive as we do not have the storage space.
When a day is given, if the order is not collected on the specific day, picked orders may be put back into general stock the following day, to be re-picked when you arrive, unless you call and let us know when you are coming.

For Delivery Orders:

Please send us your orders no later then 5 full days prior to your scheduled delivery day.
4-wkly Run delivery charge is 5.75 per drop.
Multiple orders being delivered to one address, delivery is split.
Bulk amounts of single products: please give us a clear 2wks notice before the week of your delivery, to enable us to allow for it in our stock order.
For the best cance to get what you'd like, send us your orders a full 2wks before the week your order is due to be delivered in, so we can include your order in our stock order for that week. Orders recieved after this time are picked from leftover stock.

Delivery Run Schedule 2021

PLEASE NOTE: We cover the East Anglia area Only for deliveries at present.
To the right is the schedule with the days we plan to do the runs on, but these may occasionally need to be changed or delayed. Delivery orders are picked in the order of date received, so the sooner you can email them to us, the better.

All dates are subject to change if need be. We will give as much notice as possible in-case alternative arrangements need to be made.

Please check which delivery run you would be on from the Area Postcodes listed, as where we have needed to re-organise runs and create new runs, some places are now on a different run to the one you would think they would be on; if you’re not sure, please contact us and ask.

If you are outside of our area by a small amount, do contact us, as if we can easily fit you onto a run and it’s not too far, we will.

If you cannot be there, we are happy to put your order in an outside freezer for you, or leave in a specific place, but this Must be requested in an email to enable us to do it, and must be quickly and easily done as only 5 minutes is allowed per drop. We have Polybox’s which can be left with your order in, to be returned next run.

JulyAug SeptOct Nov Dec
 1 (MK/BEDS)74 1, 29 272422(5)
2 (H’DON/P’BORO)96 31, 2926 (5)31
 3 (ELY/KINGS LYN)118 54
 4 (NORFOLK)14118631(5)
 5 (SUFFOLK)181512118
 6 (CAMBS)21181513108(5)
6A (Cambs2)232017151210(5)
 7 (N’HANTS)252220
 8 (East Herts &
    Greater London)
2825222017 15(5)
 9 (HERTS/BUCKS)41, 28 27252220(5)


1 – MK/BEDS: Currently: SG15/18; LU1-7; MK1-45.
2 -P’BORO:  Currently: PE2/6/7/9/13/15/16/24/26/28/29.
3 – ELY/KINGS LYN:  Currently: CB6/7; PE14/34/38/30.
4 – NORFOLK: Currently: IP22/24/26/28; NR1/2/3/4/5/6/7/10/11/16/28/30/32/33/34/35
 5 – SUFFOLK:  Currently: CB8(Suffolk end)/11, CO2/4/6/7/9/15, CM7/22/23/77, IP3/5/7/9/12/14/17.
6 – CAMBS1: Currently: SG8(Barley/Chrishal/Barkway), CB1-9/23/24 Cambs end
6a - CAMBS2: Currently: IP29-33, CB8/9/10/11/21/24/25, CO8/10 Suffolk side
7 – N’HANTS:  Currently: SG5/6/7/17, LE16, MK13, NN3/5/7/10/11/12/15/16, PE19.
8 – EAST HERTS & GREATER LONDON:  Currently: SG1,2,3,7,8(Royston),9,10,11,12,13,14, CM17/18/19/21/22, E4, N20, EN5-9,
9 – HERTS/BUCKS:  Currently: SG4/5/6/8, AL2/5-8/10, WD3/5/6/7/17/23-25, LU7, HA6 and all HP postcodes.

If your postcode is not on this list contact us and we may be able to add you on. 

We must be notified of discrepencies within 24hrs. via Email with full details if we are to be able to rectify.

Any problems with purchases we must be notified within 24 hours via email to be able to help.
For Non-Frozen products it must be unopened, undamaged and in date to be returned for a full refund.

For Frozen products we can only accept products where we are able to examine them, can see they have remained frozen and can only take back complete and undamaged products.