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Useful websites for anyone to browse through and answer any questions they may have. Each tab covers a certain area of questions and each contain website links we have looked through and found are good sources of information.

Useful Websites

Natural Rearing Breeders & Diet

Helpful links for Natural Rearing and Diet.

Links Section of CHC:

- how diet can play a major role in epilepsy


Helpful links for information on vaccinating your pet.

For those who do decide to still vaccinate - the Real vaccine guidelines
from WSAVA, yearly boosters were supposed to be stopped back in 2007:


Helpful links on health for your pet.

Fipronil -active ingredient in Frontline:



Holistic / Alternative
- Learn and qualify in Animal Naturopathy

First Aid & Service

Helpful links on first aid and services.

First Aid


Dangerous Dogs Act


MYTHS  YOU  WILL  HEAR  ABOUT FEEDING  A  RAW  DIETDogs are Omnivores- are too far removed from wolves to be fed a raw diet- have adapted to cooked diets - live longer today because of commercial foods- have shortened lifespans because of their diet- of dogs safely eat commercial foods, so why feed raw?- diets are not balanced- in raw meat is dangerous to my pet- pet will get parasites from the raw meat- dogs pose a serious health risk to humans- is no scientific research to validate raw diets- raw meat makes a dog bloodthirsty- am not knowledgeable enough to make my dog's food - diets are not very digestible- diets are inconvenient and expensive- of the risks of bones, ground raw diets are better- of premium kibbles are available, so raw is unnecessary-, cooked diets are viable alternatives to raw- are thoroughly qualified to dispense nutritional advice- dogs and toy breeds cannot eat raw diets- are necessary in dog's diet - about cats? Feeding cats a raw diet- visual of the damage commercial foods cause our pets-