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Durham Animal Feeds

"DAF natural pet foods have been developed with nothing added and nothing taken away, working closely with the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), to ensure that all the products are of the highest possible standard and that all ingredients are ethically sourced.

To ensure that Durham Animal Feeds customers get the best possible price and value, simple clear, transparent, sealed and fully recyclable (where facilities allow) packaging is used for the products, DAF is not only a company which cares about the health and wellbeing of pets but is also conscientious about the environment."

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The Dogs Butcher

"Dogs enjoy eating natural, raw food. Chewing on a bone or our chunky minces is what their teeth were designed for and it gives their jaws a great work out. Raw food gives dogs immense pleasure when eating and contributes to improved oral hygiene, digestion and better coats and skin.

From our facility in the heart of Devon, we send over 20 tonnes of raw food every week to dogs all over the country. All meat is hand picked from around Devon, Cornwall and The South West before being packaged by hand, frozen and delivered within 24/48 hours Tuesday – Friday."

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"We use several sources of proteins from fresh meats, seeds and plants to give a wider range of amino acids and nutrients. Over-consuming any single protein is not good and poses a risk of developing an allergy over time. If your pet has been eating the same food every day for months or years, there’s a good chance he or she has developed an allergy to it. The protein structure in raw meat is different from that in a cooked or processed dog/cat food, so in some cases, dogs and cats with known allergies to these may find that they are fine on a raw diet.

Contrary to what you’ve probably been led to believe, dogs and cats need diversity in their diets just like humans do."

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Finer By Nature

"Finer By Nature is a family business and proud of it. From humble beginnings Finer By Nature has evolved in to a retailer and wholesaler of high quality foods and treats. Established in 2013 Finer By Nature offers an ever increasing and developing range of products to suit most dogs be they young or old, active or sporting or simply a beloved pet.

Our focus has always been on quality and choice with a blend of good old fashioned service. We source products from all over the European Union although the majority of our products are sourced right here in the UK from safe and sustainable sources."

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Southcliffe Pet Foods

"We are Raw Pet Food manufacturers based in Derbyshire. We currently have stockists all over the UK and growing! As many of you know the Raw Feeding Market has rocketed recently and doesn't seem to be slowing down!

We source all of our raw ingredients from all over the UK which are Human Grade Quality.

We produce all of our own products from our own factory. "

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The Easy Raw Dog Food Co

"Hello we’re The Easy Raw Dog Food Co…

and we’re here to make it as easy as possible for people to do their dogs some good by feeding them the best raw dog food we can make. Until now, feeding raw dog food has been messy and complicated…..and quite a bit confusing to us humans. Our meal portions take away the mess, confusion, and worry, making feeding your dog a raw diet as easy as any other dog food.

So why not join us in our quest to make natural, delicious, healthy dog food that helps dogs live well and die old."

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MJ Petfoods & Proteins Ltd

"MJ Petfoods & Proteins are one of the leading privately owned suppliers of ingredients and raw materials to the UK and European Pet Food Manufacturing Industry. With a wealth of experience from all aspects of the Pet Food Industry including raw materials production, ingredients supply and pet food manufacturing itself, and with over 15 years of continual growth, MJ Petfoods is your perfect partner of choice. Our ability and experience gives us a unique insight in to the requirements of the pet food manufacturer and the raw materials that are required to produce a stable, consistent and safe finished pet food of optimum quality."

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Natures Menu

"We only work with carefully selected suppliers and wherever possible deal directly with the grower, farmer or meat provider. That means, we know exactly where every single ingredient in your pet's food has come from and we're satisfied that it was produced to the highest possible standard. We believe that if you don't know what an ingredient is, your pet's body won't either. You won't find any chemical additives, artificial flavours, bulkers or added sugar in any of our products. If it's not a real food that'll do your pet good, it doesn't go in. It's as simple as that. "

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"At Kiezebrink UK, we are perfectly equipped to meet all of your frozen and raw animal food needs. We offer a broad range of frozen food for dogs, cats, reptile breeders, and exotic animals.

As one of the largest raw dog food suppliers in Europe, we offer a huge range of products. This includes including raw meats for dogs and cats. For reptile breeders, we offer products such as as day old chicks, frozen rabbits and frozen rodents. Even leaf-eater pellets for primates and softbill diets for birds.

So, whether you’re looking for raw dog food, cat food or frozen reptile food, you’re in the right place. "

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Natural Dog Food Direct

"We deal directly with our suppliers, so we know exactly where our ingredients come from. This allows us to check that all of our ingredients are 100% accurate. We think your dog deserves to eat just as well as you do, which is why we only use human grade meat. We’ve been producing and working with meat for over 40 years. This gives us a great deal of experience in perfecting what we do. Our new recipes have been created with your dog’s needs in mind. This is reflected in the quality of ingredients through our Naked Dog ranges. All of our recipes are made without artificial ingredients. We only add natural products to our recipes, for example turmeric, black pepper and spirulina. We think a dog’s food should be just as nature intended, artificial-free and raw. Our food is 100% fresh and grain & gluten free."

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Henley Raw

"Only the finest for your best friend

Your dog is is a natural meat-eater. When you switch to feeding a fresh, natural raw diet, your dogs life is changed forever. Our customers have reported numerous benefits since switching to our food. Make the change today, your dog will thank you..

Premium Raw Dog Food

Award winning raw dog food made and sourced in the UK.
No Additives
No Fillers
No Hidden Nasties"
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Poppy's Picnic

"As pet lovers, the welfare of all animals is of the utmost importance to us. We only work with local Wiltshire farmers who adhere to the strictest standards of growing and killing meat.

The farmers we work with all carry the Red Tractor standard mark, which indicates that all the food is traceable, safe to eat and has been produced responsibly.  
Our meat supplies are not enhanced with hormones (which have been banned in the EU since 1989) or other chemical nasties. We prefer to buy free range meat and will introduce more and more organic ingredients to our recipes"
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Paleo Ridge

"Paleo Ridge Raw is an award-winning family-run working dog food business based in Hampshire. Our aim is to consistently provide outstanding quality products and excellent service to our customers and their dogs.

With a dedicated and passionate team of very experienced industry professionals, Paleo Ridge ensure that all meat sourced is high-welfare, ethically-sourced and raised to the highest standards through sustainable farming. The use of sustainable packaging is at the forefront of our forward strategy. We use compostable and recyclable packaging where possible."

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"Working with top nutritionists, we've designed delicious dog food that helps improve your dog's digestion using quality ingredients to help their skin, coat, energy and all round health.

We use 100% natural, quality ingredients in all our recipes, with grain free and single source protein options available. We know exactly what goes into our food and why. In a bid to reduce our use of plastic, all our products now come in eco-friendly packaging, so you know that while you are keeping your dog happy & healthy, you're also reducing your impact on the environment."

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Graphic of our brands and a dog
Graphic of our brands and a dog

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