One of the holistic therapies I can offer to help your pet is Reiki. I love
giving Reiki treatments as it is so calming and gentle and effective for such a vast array of problems.
What is Reiki ? you may ask: well, literally translated, ‘Rei’ means ‘Spirit’,
and ‘Ki’ means ‘Energy’, so quite literally, it is Spiritual Energy which I, as
a practitioner, am channelling through myself and my client is then drawing that energy in from me unconsciously. I have clients who are people as well
as animal clients, as Reiki is suitable and effective for all.
We all have points [Chakras] and pathways [Meridians] in our bodies which our energy flows through as it travels around our bodies, and these need to be clear for the flow of energy to be uninterrupted and at the right pace and balanced, but traumas, upsets, injuries etc. can hamper this and create blocks which can cause or contribute to dis-ease within the body, and health
issues. Reiki can be used for mental, emotional, spiritual and physical healing and is effective on all levels and since all health problems are caused by dis-ease or imbalance within the body, and Reiki, by nature is perfect for energetic balance, this spiritual energy will find the origin of the problem and work on rebalancing and clearing the energy flow of the being to restore
balance and harmony within the body, dissipating upset on whichever level it exists.
I have used Reiki for many issues and find it highly effective, and perfect for animals as it is very gentle and entirely non- invasive, and many animals love to receive it. Reiki can give very powerful results and is often felt by the
recipient in a variety of different ways, from a throbbing, to tingling, to
warmth or cold etc., all are individual and donot all feel the same, and some donot feel it at all, but it is never uncomfortable or painful.
The 5 Reiki Precepts are:
* Do Not Anger
* Do Not Worry
* Be Humble
* Be Honest In Your Work
* Be Compassionate To Yourself And Others
Here are a few of the experiences I have had with Reiki, I admittedly use EFT more with animals than Reiki if possible, as EFT is a therapy which the owner can carry on to an extent with my help in my absence, but there are definite times when Reiki gives exceptional results :
* I was asked to go and see a cat who was very ill. I went a couple of times and gave the cat a Reiki session each time. The cat was very amenable to it and settled and slept deeply during each session. The owner felt the cat
definitely calmed and was happier, more settled and peaceful, and even picked up a bit after the first visit, going upstairs again like it used to before becoming ill and ate better. The 2nd treatment helped further in
these same ways.

* I gave a treatment on one occasion where a lady who is a  lunch-time assistant at a local school had been playing football with some of the children a couple of weeks prior to seeing me, and ever since then, her knee on her right leg had been troubling her greatly and didn’t appear to be settling over time as she had hoped would happen.
 I gave her just 1 half hour treatment of reiki and whilst it was going on she could feel a tingling up and down her leg, an area of heat over her knee,
aswell as tingling further up in her chest area on that same side. By the end of the session, the pain was totally gone from her knee, and has never returned to this day [this was at least a year ago].
* I was asked to visit a rehomed rescue dog who was quite nervous and unsettled. This one always sticks in my mind, as this was one of the first
times I treated a dog other than my own, and this dog was the 1st dog who has ever not liked me upon first meeting it.
I gave this dog a short reiki session, which she loved and which worked well, and have visited a few times since and ever since that first reiki session, this dog is almost glued to me every time I visit. The owner also noted marked
improvements in the situations where there had been issues prior to the treatments.
* I have a repeat client who had weekly sessions for about a year whilst overcoming some deep and challenging emotional upset, who found Reiki really helped him and ‘set him up’ for the coming week each time. He found it relaxing and de-stressing and calming which was very important to him as his
job is a high-stress job and he had other emotionally upsetting things occurring in his life at that time also.
* Another client I have helped with both EFT and Reiki given on a daily basis  to begin with, was going through very large adjustments and changes in his life, and feeling a  great loss of identity at an age where he was a father with a high stress job also. Reiki was very helpful for him in calming his nerves, used in conjunction with EFT to tackle deep emotional and self esteem issues .
 It is possible to direct the spiritual healing energy of Reiki to address different areas of focus, and to govern strength of session which is very helpful if you feel a need for stronger or more gentle approach.
Sometimes, as shown above, 1 session is all that is necessary,
but generally I will recommend a course.
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