Over Vaccination Goes Deep

Over-Vaccination - what is that ?
Well, for me 'any' allopathic vaccination is a nono, but for others they adopt a minimal approach, for some they listen and follow everything they are told because they feel they don't know enough themselves, and therefore trust their loved ones health to someone else they feel is more qualified.
Some dogs appear to manage o.k. without obvious visible  sign of adverse effects, and it has to be noted, dogs which are fed a natural raw diet seem to manage extremely well, although there are always changes within the body you don't see....
You have those poor dogs who are dead within hours or days, then you have those who develop auto-immune problems which are short or long-term, then you have those who develop ongoing skin conditions and similar conditions within those first 3 months after receiving vaccines, then there are those also who will develop health problems, either auto-immune or otherwise linked later in life - BUT it even goes deeper than that because if, as was found by scientists in Geneva in 1971, biological substances entering directly into the bloodstream, can become part of the rna/dna structure, then each successive line of dogs being bred, has different dna to their predecessors - with a whole new set of genetic weakness which many breeders donot even know about and so are unable to monitor at all.
‘IF’ any vaccines given are contaminated, as does happen,
OR dependent on the number of times vaccines are given,
AND the number of different types of vaccines which are given,
OR chemical allopathic medicines; we are looking at a huge picture of ever-changing dna and rna-dna structures within our companion animals which is not being monitored in the least in breeding programmes, or even recognised or known about by many, so auto-immune disorders cannot, to a large extent be dealt with or ‘bred-out’ by even the best breeder if all they are working on is known strengths and weakness’s, but still feeding food which is changing and adversely affecting dna, and vaccinating and using allopathic medicine and also adversely affecting dna there.
Some will always feel they 'need' to give 'just one vaccine', or 'just the puppy set of vaccines' - and I do admit, thinking back to the 1st puppy I didnot vaccinate, it is a 'huge' leap and is very scary, because you are so aware of how vulnerable this gorgeous little puppy is, and feel so protective and feel horrified that anything you might do might cause it pain or anguish in any way, and we are so conditioned and trusting of our vets - more than many of them deserve unfortunately.
But by far, the dogs who do worst, are the ones fed tinned and dried petfood and vaccinated as often as the vet advocates. These shop-sold petfoods are just not good enough and donot give our pets all they need nutritionally - there are a couple which are v good, which if you absolutely cannot feed a natural raw diet, are the best you can give your dogs, ones like NatureDiet, but anything less is a nono, and personally I would not touch any manufactured by pharmaceutical firms. You have to look deep sometimes to discover the company behind petfoods, many of the smaller business's now having been bought out by larger ones, which in turn were bought out by pharmaceuticals previously...
There are some vets though who thankfully are very good, unfortunately in all my life I have yet to find one who I believe really puts my pets interests first, but have found more who are prepared to be more open minded recently which is a very good sign, however some still, even though WSAVA [World Small Animal Veterinary Assoc] brought out the new guidelines in 2007, continue to 'sell' the concept of Annual vaccinations and Boosters being necessary to their clients, some even go further with the outrageous lie that if one booster is missed, the entire course must be redone.
Thirty-one vets in the U.K. all put their names to a letter sent to the Vet Times speaking out against unnecessary annual vaccinations as was reported about in 2004 by the BBC :
Other international organisations, which have either condemned annual vaccination, or at least voiced ponderings as to the necessity of it are:
The American Veterinary Medical Association
American Animal Hospital Assoc. canine Vaccine Taskforce
The Australian Veterinary Association
WSAVA - World Small Animal Veterinary Association
Prof. Ronald Schultz
Dr Jean Dodd's
 - these have all publicly stated, "Annual Vaccination is Not necessary, and IS potentially harmful."
The American Veterinary Medical Association say about boosters:
  * "No additional protection is provided"
  * "There is no scientific data to support label directions for re-administration of MLV [Modified Live Virus] vaccines annually."
  * "Vaccines are not harmless. Unnecessary side effects and adverse events can be minimised by avoiding unnecessary vaccinations."
 If, in spite of my best efforts, one of my pets dies, I must conclude that obviously that animal simply did not have a strong enough, healthy enough immune system and life-force and it is no different to natural culling occurring in nature.
William J. Hennen, Ph.D.
- "It is increasingly clear that as the world becomes a smaller place, with viruses and other pathogens traveling with great ease, we now face a unique situation. Simply put, we are now, and will continue to be more exposed to challenges to our health. However, nature has already provided the immune system as our defense to microbes found in our environment. The degree to which we are able to educate our immune systems to recognise invaders will help determine our ability to cope with health challenges. I urge all people to pay attention to those things that affect their immune systems."
 It is a fact that these diseases happen and kill dogs all the time whether they are vaccinated or not, but I hope to be able to have pets who come from generations of raw fed, and non-vax’d lines, and it has been proven with Natural Rearing Breeders, the longer a line is naturally rawfed and non-vax’d, the stronger and less likely the progeny are to suffer with any of the diseases vaccinations exist for.
'IF' you still feel the need to vaccinate your companion animals you should know:
* All vaccine manufacturers state that only healthy animals should be vaccinated
* All vaccine manufacturers list a variety of reasons why and when their product should not be used
* Vaccines can cause the disease they are designed to prevent
* Merck, one of the largest vaccine manufacturers, states that:
  "those with known or suspected B and/or T cell immunodeficiency diseases [or from families with] should not     be given live virus vaccines due to the risk of vaccine induced illness and severe or fatal infection"
* Merck state that:
  "features of B cell deficiencies include respiratory or food allergies"
  "features of T cell deficiencies include heart disease"
  "features of combined B and T cell deficiencies include dermatitis, neurological deterioration, and eczema"
SO, if your dogs or any of his relatives have any of these conditions, your dog should NOT be vaccinated.
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