The Effects of Nutrition And Vaccines In Relation To Genetic Conditions

Lets start with diet;
We have, around us at this time, generations of all types of breeds of dog who have been fed on commercially prepared ‘all-in-one,’ ‘one size fits all’ dogfood.
These dogfoods are prepared in such a way that they contain substances which are poisonous to the dog’s system, and would kill or seriously adversely affect the animal if given in large doses, but in the smaller doses in commercial petfoods, we donot see the internal and subtle damage they cause for what it is, and may not notice ‘any’ damage at all, until the animal becomes ill with a ‘disease’ which has been building up over time, but gone unnoticed and now is thought to be either due to genetics, or simple old age wear and tear etc.
Commercial dogfood was introduced in the ‘60’s, so now, 48 yrs later, we are looking at a great many generations being fed on this, ’one size fits all’ system, although in recent years this has changed to a ’one of 4 or 5 types fits all’ system - these being puppy, main, senior, sensitive, high energy.
These foods are prepared often using poor quality protein sources, and too much in the way of grains and other ingredients which the dogs bodily system is not designed or set-up to be able to deal with without causing it stress and putting it under pressure.
These foods also contain preservatives and medicines known to be carcinogenic like sodium pentobarbitol, BHA, BHT, Ethoxyquin and sodium nitrite. They will also not be using organic or free range/grassfed sources, and so will also contain all the chemical residues from pesticides etc.  - some of which are known to be hormone-disrupting chemicals.
So, you are looking at generations of dogs with the same deficiencies in their diets, being bred and passing on weakness from deficiencies which are then compounded with each new generation [much like Wendell Belfield’s belief that many canine diseases and illness’s are a form of scurvy from vit c deficiency], and more genetic weakness where extra deficiencies can be caused by even more vitamins/minerals etc. being blocked.
You are then adding in poor quality ingredients for the immune system to use as fuel so you cannot expect high quality output with low quality fuel.
You then add to the mix, the small amounts of poisons in the food, and the ratios of proteins and carbs, which are the wrong way round to be correct for the physical make-up of the dog which, is a carnivore who has evolved to also survive through scavenging.
Add to this that breeding takes specific twists and turns depending on what the desired outcome is, and so we end up with many different breeds, with different strengths, weaknesses and needs. We also end up having some breeds, like the greyhound, which some find can actually need some carbohydrates in their diet, unlike many.
There are so many assaults which the immune system needs to deal with, but it is never able to get up to full strength to do this because it is being assaulted also from the inside by the poor quality of the diet/fuel it is being given to work with.
We are also faced with the problem that in many areas and situations, medicine does not even look deep enough into health problems for people, so we are getting very shallow information on illness in dogs if all we look to is scientific research and studies - which unfortunately, is all many vets will give credibility to.
And so to Vaccines;
 there is evidence dating back to 1971 that the transfer of genetic information is not confined to bacteria, but can also occur between bacteria and higher plants and animals.
In September of 1971, scientists at the University of Geneva discovered that biological substances entering directly into the bloodstream, could become part of the dna structure.
There is also evidence that transcession is occurring within the human body; where rna-dna hybridisation occurs between bacterial dna and the host animals cells - this is a possible cause of health issues, e.g. heart damage following rheumatic fever could be the result of the immune system reacting to its own cells which are producing a foreign rna complex after absorption of foreign dna.
There is evidence that foreign dna freely circulating in the body can cause malignancy.
In 1975 it was discovered that viruses causing cancer in animals had a special enzyme called ‘reverse transcriptase’ [known as rna viruses] which allows it to actually forms strands of dna which then easily intregrate with the natural dna of the host cell which it infects.
Studies carried out by Dr.Robert Simpson [Rutgers University] indicate that there are also viruses which remain latent [provirus's] which are also rna viruses, but without the reverse transcriptase, and although these also form dna, they can exist as provirus's for long periods of time within cells with no apparent disease being caused.
Examples of these types of rna viruses are influenza, measles, mumps, polio.
We have problems when firstly the cells used in vaccines turn out to be contaminated, [as in 1950-70 with the polio vaccines which were made with contaminated monkey kidney cells] and when hybridisation means that the body does not recognise the hosts own dna as being totally its own anymore, thus instigating an auto-immune response.
We also have problems because the non-tumour viruses, can act as carcinogens. This is done by them acting as catalysts in producing cancer when given/introduced in combination with known organic carcinogens in amounts too small to induce tumours themselves.
This means that some vaccines will induce cancer when combined with environmental pollutions - toxins breathed in, pesticides on/in foods etc. etc.
So, in a nutshell, vaccines can be the trigger or catalyst that is ‘the last straw’ and ‘breaks the camels back’ in many auto-immune diseases, and cancer, through either being the virus which brings together all the other pollutants stressing our systems, or by being themselves contaminated and thus causing disease.
They can also change dna, which is passed onto progeny.
When you consider the number of vaccines [including boosters] a dog is expected to receive during its potential lifespan, this is a huge-scale problem and stress on the immune system.
- J.Arnold 2008
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